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Professional Panel

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The original base panel system.

UltraBaseSystems® is first and foremost a STRUCTURALLY engineered sub base replacement system which successfully addresses the safety, drainage and aesthetic demands of an entire industry. From athletic fields to residential landscaping installations, putting greens to pet areas, concrete paver installations to athletic courts, UBS Professional Panels cover all of your base requirements.

Simply Better From the Ground Up

Our Professional Panel was designed to minimize costly and time-consuming site preparation for both indoor and outdoor projects. We created a base structure that not only is capable of supporting enormously heavy loads, we also created a system that greatly improved both GMAX and HIC impact numbers. Simply put, we made better playing surfaces with a safer and more predictable base. Drainage is not a problem for UltraBaseSystems panels. They were designed to direct rainwater away from seeping above turf and affecting players by facilitating large water flow volumes both vertically and horizontally. Our patented interlocking tooth design allows perfect and smooth alignment from panel to panel, while our non-slip turf barbs mean your turf isn’t going anywhere. There is nothing else like these panels out there.

Drain Slots

Our vertical flow rates of the Pro panel can range from 340 inches to 1500 inches per hour, and horizontal flow rates are at about 126 inches per hour. Each UBS panel can store 3.58 gallons underneath it! This is all due to our patented under side cell design that allows water to store then rapidly flow without clogging through super-sized multi-directional drain slots on the underside of the panel.

Cell Structure

Because we designed our base panel system as a replacement for compacted rock, asphalt, or concrete, that mean that we had to make something that would be able to withstand the same load capacity. Well, we did. Due to engineering our panels with a 4.25’’ hexagonal cell structure, we’ve created a static load capacity for the weakest location of the panel equivalent to 374 psi (26.3 kgf/cm2). Load values when placed over a full descending cellular rib are 998 psi (70.17 kgf/cm2). Our panels can take loads like forklifts, emergency vehicles and utility trucks, among others.

Turf Grip

Our panels contain 3,000 turf barbs each. These patented barbs create highly coefficient friction which removes the turf movement issues you may face with other base systems like stone. When paired with a felt or foam backed turf, our barbs will create a stationary turf system that won’t move while it is properly installed on UltraBaseSystems panels. That means we’ve created a system that requires less infill for your turf.

Panel Locking System

We have patented the over-under locking tooth design that you’ll find on every one of our base panels. This technology creates the perfect alignment from panel to panel to promote a smooth surface for any installation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a flat or contoured surface. We’ve achieved true ball roll and bounce with the planarity created by our system. It’s visually appealing and functional.

Tooth Detail

The interlocking tooth system not only ensures a smooth playing surface for athletic footing, but it also ensures that UBS panels stay locked together once a quadrant of 9 panels is assembled. This technology prevents our panels from shifting or disengaging due to weather or athletic movement from above.


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