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Artificial Turf Applications

Synthetic Turf Applications

With Greenside Turf the possibilities can go as far as your imagination can.

Greenside Turf is your One Stop Turf Shop for all your artificial and synthetic turf and grass needs. When it comes to any kind of synthetic and artificial grass project. Greenside Turf has you covered. With over 40 years experience in custom designed putting greens, artificial grass installation, artificial grass playground applications, and synthetic turf installs for sports fields. Greenside Turf does it all, and at commendable prices.

Artificial Grass & Turf For All Projects

There isn’t one project we can’t tackle. Greenside Turf has aligned our company with the top synthetic grass & turf manufacturers in the business. We create the rich look and feel of natural grass with our thoroughly environment-friendly synthetic grass and turf products.

Lawns & Landscaping

We do lawns, rooftops, commercial areas, sporting venues, homes and more. our synthetic turf products always exceed needs

We can fit our products into any surface. Our turf is built to withstand all environments. Your synthetic lawn will withstand droughts and extremely-damp conditions. We create the look and feel you desire while reducing the time, money and effort it takes to maintain your space. Our products are constructed with environmentally-friendly material, and chemical treatments not needed. Your turf will be virtually maintenance free. When it comes to your project we will help you build something that lasts for years into the future.

Putting Greens

Our product selection extends over a versatile range to meet any needs

You can have your choice of an indoor or outdoor project. High traffic areas will no longer be a constant maintenance issue and our turf will easily stand up to continuous use.

A well known golfing instructore – David Ledbetter – singles out the turf supplied by Greensde Turf as being one of the best turf products he’s worked and played on. Small or large scale installations, our team will help make your course appear beautifully and perform professionally.

Pet Turf

We provide a proven Synthetic Pet Turf solution for hundreds of pet applicationss

Our Synthetic Pet Turf is a safe for pets and non-allegenic. Synthetic Pet Turf is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage for large or small areas. It’s durable and resilient and it simply looks stunning.

Our turf is easy on pets’ joints and provides an innovative sanitary solution for when pets relieve themselves. It works perfectly during emergency situations like hurricanes and other inclement weather situations.


Let the children play and be safe!
Applying synthetic turf on playgrounds is what we do. It’s the safest and most environmentally friendly option available. It’s completely maintenance free – you’ll never have to water or mow this area again.

No water, no harmful chemicals, no pesticides, and no fertilizers are needed any more. Our playground areas are sanitary and resilient and are not affected by the elements. you’ll never have to worry about muddy or frozen play areas. Greenside Synthetic Turf is the ideal solution for playgrounds.

Specialty Sports

Greenside Turf creates the field you want and we customize it to the space you need

We have solutions for smaller field sports like bocce or croquet to larger areas like tennis courts. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor solution, a practice or game space, we will install a durable, safe and low-maintenance field that will last for years and be available on your schedule. Our turf is perfect for many types of field-related activities, from soccer and baseball to lacrosse. You get unlimited playtime no matter what your sport you or your team are playing.

Baseball & Batting Cages

Outdoor athletic fields need to withstand a lot of use

Synthetic turf reduces the dependence on the weather and takes away the cost of regular maintenance. We will develop and install a natural looking field that will be simple to maintain. We create turf for batting cages, tuft-in-lines and open fields. We provide pre-made hitting mats with diamonds. In return you get a durable and safe field that will look fantastic and last well into the future.


Greenside Turf provides hundreds of solutions for various atheltic applications

We provide synthetic turf solutions for gym floors, weight lift areas, training facilities, schools and agility training areas, where athletes use for all types of training routines. Synthetic turf from Greenside Turf is perfect for these athletic areas because it simulates real conditions, and reduces stress on the joints. If you’re looking to improve the look of your facility and reduce maintanence, Greenside Turf has the solution for you.

Sports Fields

Greenside Turf provides a variety of synthetic turf configurations for sports fields

Greenside Turf has installed sports fields on behalf of numerous professional, semi-professional, and amateur sporting venues. We supply our turf products to a number of municipalities, colleges, universities, and school districts for use in intramural play fields. Our turf can be installed in both indoor and outdoor fields.

Make your sports field surfaces durable, dependable and safe. Offers your patrons unlimited play, low maintenance, and optimized performance that’s only found in the best kept grass. Synthetic sports surfaces are perfect for soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, multipurpose fields, lacrosse, field hockey, bocce, croquet, tennis and more.

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